Project Redemption started as an overpriced, underrepresented ebay find. It was supposed to be a real '68 Z28 but the 302 is out of another Z and the protecto-plate is long instead of a 100 point restoration, we are doing the next best thing- cutting it up! The build is based around the idea that a guy walks into a Chevy dealership in '68 to buy a Z28 to go weekend racing. He loves to see the Trans-Am racing heros flogging thier cars but needs to keep his on the street for daily transportation - with a twist - he has acess to 2010 technology!

Everything Speedtech offers for a first gen will be installed. Both front and rear suspension systems, headers, body mounts, etc. Jason Rushforth will supply the wheels and rendering, We are installing DSE deep-tubs. Engine and transmission are the LS2 and T-56.


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