SEMA Update - Thursday

I’m sitting here reflecting upon the first few days of the show. The level of quality cars in one place is second to none anywhere in the planet! I have met some really amazing people in the industry and it is always a joy to see friends that we only see once a year. 

Yesterday was a day that CHC will not soon forget. Goodguys selected the Nova for a Golden 5 award. It was an incredible honor to be selected for the this prestigious award. 

While we were accepting the award and having an interview with Rob Kibbe from, I received a text from the booth that the Sony Playstation producers were checking out the car for the Playstation video game “Grand Turismo”. This is where things get interesting.   Chris

I asked Mark to give a play by play on what was going on.  “A couple of us from the shop had just returned to the Dynomax booth after receiving the Goodguys Golden 5 Award and no sooner than placing the award in front of the car, three guys and a video camera man ask “Did you build this Nova?” I let them know I was part of the team and introduced myself. They introduce themselves as the producers for Gran Turismo from SonyPlaystation.  They then extend a handshake congratulating the CHC crew as being selected as a Top 5 nominee for the Gran Turismo Award.  I’m in disbelief and just thinking - what?”

“They ask me to walk them through the car to help them with their decision in selecting the winner of the Grand Award later that night at the Gran Turismo party. One of the finalists would be selected to be included in a future  Gran Turismo edition. The Sony Producers kept getting more and more excited about all the subtle details that kept popping out at them as they looked closer. They loved the pro-touring style of the build and really appreciated that it was a car to be driven and could make a stand on any day at the track.”

“One of the producers asked to sit in the car and they took turns sitting in the driver seat and imagining what it would be like slapping through the gears with the LS9 screaming down a straightaway. It was so cool to see their faces light up with excitement as they told each other how they could see this hot rod taking the track with any car in the game! WOW... how cool to have this team of amazing artists that can literally make any computer generated car their heart desires for the game say they thought this car was exactly what they had been looking for.”

We snapped some shots of them with the car and they gave us the official invite to the party!”   Mark


Chris asked me to relate a couple of words on the rest of the story... The CHC team were all discussing the obvious at the close of the day at SEMA - there was a sudden change in plans for the evening. After dinner we made our way to the Aria Resort as VIP guests of Sony Playstation. The scene was surreal as we were now escorted into the party as VIPs and given preferred seating. Yep kind of cool...a group of car guys walking into the club in work shirts- mixing with suits and evening attire.  After a short visit with friends the ceremony began. The presenter was CJ Wilson, a starting pitcher for the LA Angels. The five finalists were called up to receive their awards, the anticipation grew as we all waited to see which vehicle was going to be selected as the Grand Award winner and be immortalized in a future edition of Gran Tursimo.  When we heard CJ Wilson say “And the envelope please and then reading the 1967 Chevy Nova....we just cheered and felt so proud of the CHC team that at that moment were realizing all their hard work was paying off.  



The CHC Team was then escorted upstairs to another part of the club to celebrate. I heard some one ask- what just happened, it still had not soaked in...Getting up early tomorrow for SEMA was going to be difficult...but then that is tomorrow- its time to celebrate!  CHC