The Start of a New Year

The holidays are gone and it is that time of year again where I get excited for the next year. It is a time of reflection and a time to make some plans for 2014. The hot rod season is around the corner and it's time to fire up the heat in the shop and get to work on some winter projects. To light the fires of motivation I have question for you.


 When you think of owning a hot rod what thoughts come to mind? What gets you excited? 


For me the season kicks off in February with the local Corvette swap meet. I've been attending it for decades. It is a time to connect with friends and the awesome community of people and see what projects are going together. 


Attending Goodguys shows are another favorite among the CHC crew.  The electricity at these shows is intoxicating. This year we plan on attending Puyallup, Pleasanton and Spokane. I love Gary Meador's slogan, "You Gotta Drive 'em!"


Speaking of driving them, that is what gets me excited about owning a hot rod. I enjoy a warm summer night driving down a quiet country road listening to the song of a well-tuned V8 echoing through the canyon. 


You might enjoy the challenge of trying to shave another tenth off your quarter mile time as you blast down the track. There is nothing like the rush of knowing you made a clean pass and anticipation of getting to the timing booth to confirm your expectations. 


There are so many aspects of hot rodding that make this hobby and sport incredibly enjoyable. I think of SEMA, Bonneville, Bakersfield Hot Rod Reunion, Grand National Roadster Show, and so many more. 


The greatest joy I get from this sport is the opportunity to create a fresh car that embodies the vision in my head. There is nothing like taking some broken neglected and forgotten car and transforming it into a new creation. If I had to choose between going to a car show or a vintage undiscovered auto wrecking yard, the wrecking yard would win every time. 


What are your hot rod plans for 2014? What gets you excited about the hobby? Comments Encouraged!    Chris