No Project Too Small

We have grown the staff once again to meet the volume of work coming through the door. I am thankful that we have been steadily growing since the doors open, not just in staff size or volume of work but in the level of quality and detail. When I started the dream of Chris Holstrom Concepts in 2007 I knew that if we could deliver a product when promised at a level we would be proud of with excellent communication we could be successful. That is still a goal we strive to meet daily. 

One downfall of building turn key quality cars is that it can overshadow other projects going on at the shop. We strive to help people get their projects on the road. Today we have a '55 Chevy in the shop for motor mount install, a '68 California Special Mustang for minor rust repair and a '75 Corvette for oil leaks- just to name a few. If there is any way we can help you finish that project or transform your car into a pro-touring machine give us a call- We love working on cars!