Spring Is In The Air

For those of us that live in the part of the country that sees lots of adverse weather this time of year gets exciting. It means we made it through another wet and cold winter and cruising season is getting closer. The shop is filling up with some really cool projects. We have 5 first gen Camaros getting the CHC makeover. Most of them are receiving simple suspension and brake upgrades. We started on a '67 today installing DSE mini-tubs. It will get the full Ridetech suspension package front and rear. One of the staff's favorite cars is a mostly original paint '69. We are reassembling the original 327 with a few tricks for power and of course some better steering and suspension. The cool thing about these small projects is the cars will be hitting the streets this summer safer and more reliable than ever before. If you have a small punch list or need some help working through a difficult part of your project give us a call.


Our two complete projects that started this year have gone opposite directions. The split window Corvette has ground to a halt. The more we dove into that car the more damage was uncovered. I needed to have a heart to heart with the client and explain that this car was not in his best interest. It was a misrepresented eBay car purchased sight unseen. Please have a car inspected BEFORE you buy it. I can offer that service. A plane ticket and consulting fee is a small price to pay. There are people out there that will take your money and tell you whatever you want to hear about how nice their car is. 


The other car, a '56 Chevy looks incredible with the LS crate motor sitting between the gorgeous Art Morrison frame rails. The Baer Brakes showed up today and we put the car back on four wheels! 


Josh Ewing is finishing up the metal work on the white '69 Camaro and we can't wait to get it back in the shop to finish it up and hear that 850hp engine run for the first time. 


In the famous words sung by Thin Lizzy sang so many years ago...

These nights are getting warmer an' it won't be longWon't be long 'till summer comes

Now the boys are back in town