The Biggest Frustration in the Hot Rod Business

We wanted to take the time to be quite transparent for a moment -- the hot rod business can be quite frustrating!

Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love our jobs at CHC.  Our crew is incredible, and we get to combine our passion with our skills to provide incredible results in our full builds.  However, our crew is highly specialized in many areas that you might not think of when you see CHC at SEMA.


"Fresh Restoration" "Show quality" "Drive Anywhere"

What does that really mean?

Currently, we have a feature magazine car in the shop with all the top quality parts; custom frame, modern drive-train, beautiful leather interior. It sold at Barrett Jackson with only 200 miles since completion.  

However, it came to us barely running with multiple issues that required several thousands of dollars to repair. The car had bad wiring, was unsafe to drive, etc. 

Even though we show complete builds and high dollar SEMA cars - the bulk of our work is hot rod repair and updating.  Engines, suspensions etc. Punch problem. We can get the car or truck to function at its best.  

We pride ourselves in those three areas: "Fresh Restoration, Show Quality, and the ability to Drive it Anywhere.'  We come from a mechanical repair background specializing in the drive train brakes suspension ----wiring AC etc, we can make that car safe.  For instance, We have done more LS engine swaps than any other shop in the state of Washington and possibly the Northwest. We are LS swap specialists. 

The frustration comes when the emphasis in the industry is placed on a car with top quality parts, but there is a lack of emphasis in safety, completeness, and ability to drive.  These are a few of the areas that CHC takes a huge pride in -- it's all about this little things. "Show Quality" is something that we pride ourselves on, even on the smallest of jobs, but that same "Show Quality" must also include the ability to "Drive Anywhere."