SEMA- Chevelle

SEMA 2012 - It's Showtime!

Here is an update from SEMA 2012 - We are ready for a great week with the Mitchell Chevelle thanks to all the hard work of the CHC Team and the great folks at Dynomax!  


After an all night marathon of finishing the punch list- we loaded the Chevelle into the trailer at 6:00 am Friday morning and hit the road for the long drive. We safely made it to the Las Vegas Convention Center the next day and into the Dynomax Booth 25131 to get ready for the show. After the detailing session we celebrated at Gilley's with a much needed meal and off to bed.


The dash built by our friends at at Ewing Custom Cycles- love their work.


This morning the LV Convention Center is buzzing with forklifts and activity to get ready for Tuesday's crowd. Cars are rolling in. It is safe to say there are alot of new completed projects out here! The Mitchell Chevelle is detailed wrapped and ready for the show!

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