Every car or truck that enters CHC has a story behind it. Joe's 47 is no different. It was a dormant project that sat for decades. That's right...decades. While the years past by and the project sat Joe never gave up and sold his baby. Many of us would have thrown in the towel only to say years later "I wish I had that old truck." While raising a family working a job and other life priorities moved the truck to the back burner. A date loomed in Joe's mind that was coming up in the not so distant future...his 60th birthday. 

He contacted us and had a few ideas but realized the hot rod world had advanced since his last exposure. The biggest being an all new chassis that is a direct bolt in. This offering from our friends at Art Morrison comes complete with a Sport IRS front suspension equipped with C6 Corvette hubs. Could this chassis be the foundation Joe was looking for? Was it really worth the top sh elf price commanded for it? Thankfully Morrison's manufacturing facility is just around the corner and a little test drive with Craig Morrison and his famous farm truck the conclusion was obvious.

A new frame was ordered up. To compliment the new solid foundation Billet Specialties wheels were ordered up. The engine was sent out to Cope Brothers and deemed is was time to step up to a Vortec 350 with a roller cam and a host of goodies to scoot his truck down the road. Bowtie Overdrives was called to supply the turbo 700R4 overdrive transmission. A blacked out front accessory drive from March Performance finishes off the engine compartment nicely. 

The design and build team at CHC will work a project to any level of completion. Allowing the customer to tackle as much or little of the build as they comfortable. Joe will  be wrapping up many of the small details long before his 60th birthday. Look for this classic beauty cruising the streets of Tacoma this summer! 


A Perfect foundation for a classic Chevy truck  An Art Morrison frame.