Jeff is one cool guy! Why? Who hangs onto his first car for decades while life's pressures ebb and flow? A very rare breed indeed. But wait the story begins even farther back. Jeff's '66 GT 390 Fairlane convertible joined the family in 1967 when it was just a year old and before Jeff was even around. A Soldier bought it new and drove it up north and traded it in. Jeff's dad scooped it up and it became the family SUV. That's right, before the term was in-vogue this family wagon was used for camping trips in the snow. It was a member of the family. 

Jeff's Fairlane has waited patently for its turn to be reinstated, but not for camping trips. The foundation for the transformation is a complete Art Morrison Enterprises frame to hold all the modern suspension and brakes. Under the hood a not so little Boss 9 big block Ford with over 500 cubic inches! Stay tuned for this transformation

Classic Style, Modern Performance

Dec 1, 2017

Dec 1, 2017